Princess Taiping

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Princess Taiping was a princess of Tang dynasty China. She was the daughter of Emperor Gaozong and Empress Wu Zetian. She became an important figure during her mother's rule as Empress in the second Zhou dynasty 690-705 AD.

Princess Taiping supported saving the Tang dynasty and the Li family. After the death of Empress Wu Zetian in 705, Princess Taiping joined with her nephew Li Longji (later Emperor Xuanzong) to get power for the Tang dynasty again. In 710, she and Li Longji stopped Empress Wei's plan to gain power.

Relationship with Li Longji[change | change source]

Princess Taiping was also known for her beauty. In the Chinese history (mishi/秘史), it has been said that, after losing two marriages, Princess Taiping loved Li Longji. Mishi said that Emperor Xuanzong told of his love for his aunt in his autobiography. Li Longji confessed that he had fallen in love with Princess Taiping at first sight. He thought of her as a goddess-like figure. However, the truth is still unknown.

After Emperor Xuanzong became ruler in 712 AD, Princess Taiping's old age and power was seen as a threat to the young emperor, and she was given a death sentence to kill herself in 713 AD.