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Progressive house

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Progressive house is a subgenre of house music.

The genre was heavily influenced by trance in the 1990s and later by big room house and Eurodance in the mid-2000s. As of November 2014, the genre is rated first in a list of top genres at TopDeejays.[1]

Progressive house tunes often feature a build-up section which can last up to four minutes. This is followed by a breakdown and then a climax.[2] Elements drawn from the progressive rock genre include the use of extended or linked-movement tracks, more complexity and reflection but almost always within the four on the floor rhythm pattern.[3] The more experimental parts of house music are described as progressive.[4] Detractors of the genre have described it as elitist and over-produced.[5]

Gabriel & Dresden described Not Forgotten by Leftfield as the first progressive house track which was released in October 1990[6] and that Guerilla Records set up by Will Orbit was pivotal in the growth of a scene around the genre.[6] Renaissance: The Mix Collection in 1994 and Northern Exposure in 1996 have both been credited with establishing the genre on mixed compilation albums. As well as Guerilla Records Deconstruction Records, Hooj Choons and Soma Records were also considered crucial.[7]

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