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Tools used by Promoucaes, found in Pichilemu in 1908.

Promoucaes, Promaucaes, Promaucas or Purumaucas (Quechua: puruma auca: wild people); were a pre-Columbian Mapuche tribe that lived in Chile, from the south of the River of Maipo in Santiago, Chile and the River of Itata, (tribes at the north were called Quillotanes[1] and Mapochoes by the Spanish). They were speakers of Mapudungun like the Moluche and Picunche tribes.

References[change | change source]

  1. Juan Ignacio Molina, Compendio de la historia civil del reyno de Chile, pg. 9. Named for Quillota, one of the settlements of the Inca Empire in Chile.