Public nudity

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Public social nudity
Naked man on the public beach
Nude in Prague

Public nudity is nudity that is not in private. It means a person being nude in a public place, or seen from public places. Nudity in private places, such as a home, swimming pool, or nudist club does not count, as these are private places.

Acceptance of public nudity[change | change source]

In some places, public nudity may be legal. For example, some beaches are nude beaches, where nudity is allowed. Nudist resorts are created so that patrons can be nude. Nudist events such as World Naked Bike Ride allow nudity for a short time where it would otherwise not be allowed.

In most other places, public nudity is unacceptable. It is often illegal. Exhibitionists often appear nude in public to attract attention. Protesters also appear naked in public at times.

Nudism promotes public nudity in a group, but in special locations.