Puncak Jaya

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Puncak Jaya
Peak of Puncak Jaya
Elevation 4,884 metres (16,024 ft)[1]
Prominence 4,884 m (highest point on New Guinea) Ranked 9th
Location Papua Province, Indonesia
Range Sudirman Range
Coordinates 4°5′S 137°11′E / 4.083°S 137.183°E / -4.083; 137.183
First ascent 1962 by Heinrich Harrer and 3 others
Easiest route rock/snow/ice climb

Puncak Jaya (IPA: /'pʊn.tʃæk 'dʒaɪ.ɔ/) (also called Mount Carstensz or the Carstensz Pyramid) is the highest mountain on the island of New Guinea.

References[change | change source]

  1. The elevation given here was determined by the 1971-73 Australian Universities' Expedition and is supported by the Seven Summits authorities and modern high resolution radar data. An older but still often quoted elevation of 5,030 metres (16,503 ft) is obsolete.