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Pure Pwnage is an Internet video series. It is about a man named Jeremy who spends his days playing video games and making fun of other people, or as he calls them, "n00bs". The first season of the show had 12 episodes. The people who make the show are planning to make at least two more seasons and maybe a full length movie. The first season ends with a cliffhanger that leads into the second season. The second season is expected to be put online in 2007.

History[change | change source]

The show started when two friends got together and made a short video of the main character talking about video games. Inspired by the cultural phenomenon that online video gaming has become, and the series creators' personal online experiences; the series actually spawned from a project for film school. After they uploaded the video onto the Internet, it got downloaded a few thousand times, so they made Episode 1: Life of a Pro Gamer. The character 'Jeremy'(Played by Jarett Cale), also known as 'teh_pwnerer', was designed to comically represent, and almost stereotype, online gamers around the world. This concept was based loosely around the idea of a person who had grown up doing nothing but online gaming; whose entire vocabulary and social mannerisms were molded solely by internet interactions. As such, the episode was supposed to be a mockumentary of sorts, as Jeremy is followed and filmed by younger brother 'Kyle'(Geoff Lapaire) (Played depicting "A day in the life of a ProGamer". After this became very popular, they made episodes 2 and 3. When episode 4 was downloaded roughly 3000 times, they decided that they should pursue this full-time. Throughout the series, the characters make use of many expressions in videogame terminology, including "noob", "uber-micro" and of course "pwnage".

The series has introduced several other recurring characters, such as:

  • "FPS_Doug" -- Jeremy's illtempered rival (and sociopath), played by Joel Gardiner;
  • "Dave" -- Jeremy's close friend and local 'ProCook', played by Dave Lee
  • "Tagi" -- Jeremy's World of Warcraft addicted love interest, played by Miranda Plant
  • "TBag" -- the heavily sponsored Halo 3 player,
  • and "Teh_Masterer" -- Jeremy's ninja-clad mentor, Played by Geoff Lapaire - Voiced by Fr.William Craig
  • as well as an assortment of villains.

The series has also adopted a dynamic storyline in favour of its original, pseudo-casual style of interviews. Despite the additional casting and switch towards plot driven episodes, the series remains true to its satirical view of current trends in the gaming industry and the greater online community. The series has quickly developed a large fan base, spanning across multiple continents, and only continues in its success as its 2nd season comes to a close.

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