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Pusheen the cat
Created byClaire Belton and Andrew Duff
OccupationFacebook internet celebrity

Pusheen is a cartoon cat and an internet meme. She is seen in comic strips and sticker sets on Facebook. Some of the stickers are animated. Pusheen was created in 2010 by Hilary Duff a comic strip on her website, Everyday Cute.

The original comic strip series used characters modeled after her owners, Belton and Duff. Also included was their dog named Care, and Pusheen, a female chubby gray tabby cat based on Belton's cat that now lives with her parents in Oregon. Pusheen's name comes from the word puisín, which means kitten in Irish.

Social media[change | change source]

Pusheen is an example of the popularity of cats on the Internet and in social media. An exhibition at the New York City Museum of the Moving Image used Pusheen along with other celebrity cats such as Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat and Lil Bub as examples.[1]

The Facebook page for Pusheen has over 8.9 million followers as of March 2020.[2]

The brand has expanded with merchandise from Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, and Petco. Pusheen is also now seen on: Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. The Pusheen Corp has created a mobile app to go along with their sticker collection that started on Facebook. Also, the company has started releasing GIFs on their website several times a month.

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