Pyramid (game show)

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Pyramid is a game show which was shown on television. Many different versions of the show have been made. The current show is on GSN. on 1973 Present Until 1989 on ABC Game Show Network CBS Call NBC on New 2012 or 2016 in Match Game Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy Game Show Network GSN (1994 Present) in 2001

History[change | change source]

$10,000 Pyramid[change | change source]

The first version of the game was called the $10,000 Pyramid. It was hosted by Dick Clark. The game show offered the largest prize on television at the time.

Other versions[change | change source]

The show ran for other versions. Some versions offered $25,000 as the prize. Others offered $100,000 as the prize.

The Pyramid[change | change source]

In 2012, GSN premiered a new version called The Pyramid. The show is based on the format of the old ones. This version premiered on September 3, 2012. It is hosted by Mike Richards. In this version, getting all 7 words right won the contestant $500, and the amount they would play for in the Winner's Circle went up by $5,000.

Gameplay[change | change source]

There are two halves of the game. The first and second halves are almost equal. In the first half, normal people team with famous people. One of the teams will try to describe a word to the other. There are seven words in each round. There are six total rounds in the first half. At the end of the half the team with the most points moves on. They go to the "Winner's Circle". In the Winner's Circle, one player will use short phrases to tell the other a category. There are six categories for the Winner's Circle. If the team guesses all six correct in one minute they win the prize money. For the second half the players switch famous people. The gameplay is the same in the second half.

Bonus cards[change | change source]

There have been many bonuses offered on the show. Some of the bonus cards are:

  • 7/11: This was hidden under one of the first round subjects. The player would get $1,100 if they answered all 7 right in time.
  • Mystery 7: The player would get a surprise if they guessed all 7 words right in time. Prizes included trips, computers, and other items.