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The QS World University Rankings list the world's universities in order from the most prestigious to least.[1]

This is the 2024 QS World University Rankings list of the top 20 universities in the world.

Top 20[change | change source]

Rank 2024 rank University Country
1 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge)  United States
2 2 Cambridge University  United Kingdom
3 3 Oxford University  United Kingdom
4 4 Harvard University (Cambridge)  United States
5 5 Stanford University  United States
6 6 London Imperial College  United Kingdom
7 7 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich   Switzerland
8 8 National University of Singapore  Singapore
9 9 London University – University College  United Kingdom
10 10 University of California, Berkeley  United States
11 11 University of Chicago  United States
12 12 Pennsylvania University  United States
13 13 Cornell University  United States
14 14 Melbourne University  Australia
15 15 California Institute of Technology (Pasadena)  United States
16 16 Yale University (New Haven)  United States
17 17 Peking University (Beijing)  China
18 17 Princeton University  United States
19 19 New South Wales University  Australia
20 19 Sydney University  Australia

QS Stars[change | change source]

QS Stars is a rating system that is designed to help students in choosing right university. The rating system is based on topics that are matter of importance to students. The rating system is from 0 to 5. These ratings are applied to 13 key categories. [2]

QS Methodology[change | change source]

QS ranking methodology is based on indicators, based on which the ranking is calculated.Earlier there were 6 indicators, however for 2024 university rankings, QS has added 3 more indicators, namely- Employment Outcomes, International Research Network and Sustainability.


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