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Bennett Foddy.jpg
Bennett Foddy, pictured on October 20, 2009, was the creator of QWOP.
URL http://foddy.net/Athletics.html
Commercial? No
Type of site Flash game
Registration None
Available language(s) English
Owner Bennett Foddy
Launched November 2008 [1]
Alexa rank 20,425 (as of 3 February 2011)[2]
Current status Online

QWOP is a Flash game created by Bennett Foddy and released on the Internet in 2008 to his website called "Foddy.net". Players play as an athlete named "Qwop", who is participating in a 100-meter sprint event at the Olympic Games. Using only the Q, W, O and P keys, players must control the movement of the legs to make the character move forward.[3] When the player has successfully reached 50 meters they must jump a hurdle, and at 100 meters the player is encouraged to perform a long jump, although simply passing the finish line is sufficient to complete the game.

The game has been criticized for being too hard to get good at.[4] In early December 2010, the game had a viral popularity outbreak after video blogger Ray William Johnson reviewed[5] a YouTube video[6] that annotates the game, becoming the subject of an Internet meme.[7][8][9] Despite this, the game helped Foddy’s site reach 30 million views.[10] After the success of the game, Foddy created another flash game called "GIRP", which was released on his site in 2011.[10]

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