Qasim Razvi

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Qasim Razvi was the leader of a local militia in India, the Razakars of Hyderabad State, who blocked accession into the Republic of India after the Partition of British Indian empire against the wishes of the local majority Hindu-population, and fought against the Indian forces during occupation.

Razvi held views that Hyderabad should eventually join Pakistan in a major war against Bharat, as clearly evidenced by some of his speeches and publications in Hyderabadi newspapers. Razvi was politically powerful and a close advisor of the Nizam, whom he encouraged to defy the infidel government, and blocked the invasion of Hyderabad into Republic of India. At the height of the crisis, Razvi had placed his allies in influential posts, and was virtually dictating the Nizam's policy on the issue. Razvi even traveled to Delhi and had a stormy meeting with Indian leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He is quoted to have said "Death with the sword in hand, is always preferable to extinction by a mere stroke of the pen. "prompting the Indian government to call him the "Nizam's Frankenstein monster."

After Indian military intervention, Razvi was placed under house arrest and tried under Indian laws on seditious activities and inciting communal violence. He was released in the 1950s, and he later fled to Pakistan.