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Part of French Revolutionary Wars
USS Constellation.jpg
USS Constellation served with distinction in the Quasi-War
Result End of French privateer attacks on U.S. shipping; U.S. neutrality and renunciation of claims against France, Convention of 1800
United States United States France French Republic
Commanders and leaders
John Adams
George Washington
Benjamin Stoddert
Alexander Hamilton
Paul Barras
Napoléon Bonaparte
Edme Étienne Borne Desfourneaux
Victor Hugues
A fleet of 54 including:
18 Frigates
4 Sloops
2 Brigs
3 Schooners
5,700 Sailors
365 privateers
Casualties and losses
20 dead
42 wounded
300+ merchantmen and their cargoes captured
1 Privateer captured
More than 100 privateer warships captured

The Quasi-War was an undeclared naval war fought between the United States and the French Republic between 1798 and 1801.