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A quickie is a brief act of sexual intercourse.[1]

People will not usually have much foreplay with a quickie. The phrase is often used between regular partners to say that they wish to have sex, but don't have much time for it.

A quickie may not always mean sexual intercourse. It may be only be oral sex or mutual masturbation.[2] According to some, a quickie between a heterosexual couple generally satisfies only the man.[2] Others claim that quickies (with intercourse or some other form of stimulation of the vulva) can be "a major turn-on" for a woman, too. Since it may not give a woman enough time to lubricate naturally, she might need a lubricant.[3] Some consider quickies a solution to unequal sexual desire in a relationship. If they become the only form of sex, the relationship may suffer.[2] For gay men, a quickie sometimes means casual sex, like a hand job.[4] It does not usually happen with lesbians, however.[5]

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