Rabie Ablak

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Rabie Ablak

Rabie Ablak, or Rabie Al-Ablak (born 1987), is a Moroccan journalist. He is a part of the Hirak Rif Movement. He has been on hunger strike to protest his detention and inhumane treatment. Some of his hunger strikes lasted more than 40 days; he was taken to hospital several times for treatment. The total of his hunger strikes are more than 284 days.

Career[change | change source]

He was a writer for the electronic newspaper Badil,[1] founded by Hamid El Mahdaoui,[2] in the town of Al Hoceima, where he had a part in the Popular Rif movement along with Nasser Zafzafi.

Rabie was arrested on 28 May 2017, in the town of Al Hoceïma.[3] According to Amnesty International, he was tortured.[4] He was sentenced to five years' of prison in Tangier II prison. On 6 September 2019, he began a new hunger strike.

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