Rafael Gómez Nieto

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Gómez Nieto in 2017

Rafael Gómez Nieto (21 January 1921 – 31 March 2020) was a Spanish soldier. He was a veteran of the Spanish Civil War and World War II.[1][2] He was born in Almería, Andalusia.[3] He fought with "Lleva del Biberó" and was part of the Battle of the Ebro with Spanish Republican Army.[4]

After the war, he went to France where he was kept in the Saint-Cyprien camp. Four months later he was able to reach Algeria with his father, who was in the Argelés internment camp. After the invasion of North Africa by the Allies during World War II, he became part of the 9th Company (La Nueve)[5] of the 2nd Armored Division that.

He died on 31 March 2020 in a nursing home in Strasbourg (France) from COVID-19 during the coronavirus pandemic. He was the last living survivor of La Nueve.[6]

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