Ramat HaSharon

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Ramat HaSharon
רמת השרון
رمات هشارون‎
Hebrew transcription(s)
 • ISO 259Ramat ha Šaron
Central City of Ramat HaSharon
Central City of Ramat HaSharon
Flag of Ramat HaSharon
Official logo of Ramat HaSharon
Coordinates: 32°09′N 34°50′E / 32.150°N 34.833°E / 32.150; 34.833Coordinates: 32°09′N 34°50′E / 32.150°N 34.833°E / 32.150; 34.833
Country Israel
DistrictTemplate:Country data Tel Aviv District
 • MayorAvi Gruber
 • Total16,792 dunams (16.792 km2 or 6.483 sq mi)
 • Total46,019
 • Density2,700/km2 (7,100/sq mi)
Name meaningSharon Height

Ramat HaSharon (Hebrew: רָמַת הַשָּׁרוֹן, lit. Sharon Heights or Heights of the (Great) Plain, Arabic: رمات هشارون)[2][3][4][5] is a city on Israel's central coastal section in the south of the Sharon region.

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