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Rasha Sharbaji (Arabic: رشا شربتجي )(born April 20 1975 in Cairo, Egypt)[1] is a Syrian film director and producer. She directed the Egyptian television series “Sharaf Fatah Al Bab” (Sharaf Opened the Door).[2] She also directed the series "Longing".[3] She is the the daughter of Syrian director Hisham Sharbatji. She spent her childhood with her mother in Cairo. She worked as a kindergarten teacher in the UAE before returning to Syria to live with her father. She married cameraman Nasser Rca.[4]

Work[change | change source]

Rasha was an assistant to her father before directing various television series.[1]

Syrian drama:

  • Law, but...(قانون و لكن ) 2003

Television series:

  • Soft Thornes (أشواك ناعمة) 2005
  • Deers in the forest of the wolves (غزلان في غابة الذئاب) 2006
  • Another rainy day, (يوم ممطر أخر) 2008
  • Period of Shame (زمن العار) 2009
  • Asaad Al-Waraq, (أسعد الوراق) 2010
  • Takht-east,(تخت شرقي) 2010)
  • Loin born (الولاد من الخاصرة) 2011, 2012, 2013
  • The family's girls, (بنات العيلة) 2012

Ma fiyyeh 2019 Egyptian television drama series:

  • Boys of the night, (أولاد الليل) 2007
  • Son of Arandilli (إبن الأرندلي) 2008
  • Sharaf opened the door, (شرف فتح الباب) 2009

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