Raynaud's syndrome

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Raynaud's affecting two fingers on female

Raynaud's Syndrome -- poor flow of blood in a narrow line under the skin.? This is due to smaller arteries. It is mostly found more in women than in men. It is a disease attributed to the Celts, a race of people originally found in northern U K ,and spread from Scotland to Ireland,the Isle of Man, and north Wales ,and now ,of course, can be found in any part of the United Kingdom ,even to the extent that some members only of a family may have the classical signs of a celt ( ginger hair, freckles, blue eyes , and very thin skin which does not take a tan) and are prone to complaints which show poor circulation. The circulation problem shows itself in having very cold fingers on the hands and also very cold toes ,and even legs during the very cold weather of mid-winter .It is possible to go through life without having

heard of Raynaud's Syndrome (or Disease) as it is sometimes called, when one is clearly of the tribe! Nothing to worry about ,though, usually, but it can become more of a problem as people age. Look right at the example of it and it is clear, so if you have had this experience then have a word with your doctor ,some time.