Reed pen

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The head of a reed pen, from different angles
Red pens can be used for Arabic calligraphy.

A reed pen (Greek: κάλαμοι kalamoi; singular κάλαμος kalamos) is a writing implement made by cutting and shaping a single reed straw or length of bamboo. In Arabic, it is called Qalam. Reed pens were used throughout antiquity. The reed is cut at an angle, the tip is sharpened. Ink is used to write (in antiquity onto papyrus or parchment). It is possible to write in thicker or thinner lines by varying the angle, at which the reed pen is held. A reed pen made of bronze was found in a grave in Attica, Greece, and dated to the 5th centry BC. Feathers have not been used as a writing tool before the 6th century AD.