Refuge Bietti

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Refuge Biotti

Refuge Bietti or Refuge Biotti is a refuge in the mountain of Lake Como, it is located above Lierna Lake Como in the village of Esino Lario.

Rifugio Biotti is a refuge located in the municipality of Mandello del Lario (LC), in the Lombard Pre-Alps at 1,719 m.

Story[change | change source]

The Luigi Bietti refuge was born as a Releccio hut in 1886, the year of its inauguration. It is a one-storey building, which rises in the valley of the same name in Releccio, in the Northern Grigna, below the Cresta di Piancaformia. Subsequently the refuge will be dedicated to Luigi Bietti, president of the section of the CAI of Milan, who died in those years. Over time, the structure underwent changes with the addition of an upper floor and substantial renovations.

In 2002 it was closed, because the CAI of Milan did not have the funds to bring it up to standard. In 2006 the refuge was purchased (by Elena Buzzi) by the CAI of Milan and then donated to the CAI of Mandello. From that year the refuge will be called "Bietti-Buzzi". Between 2007 and 2009, with the renovation of the water collection tanks, the construction of a winter bivouac for passers-by and the renovation of the building, the refuge underwent renovation works.

Features and information[change | change source]

It rises in the karst basin of Releccio, in front of Grignone and Sasso Cavallo. The refuge is renowned for its good cuisine.