Regions of Iceland

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The regions of Iceland

The regions of Iceland are mainly used for statistical purposes. The district court jurisdictions use them. The postal code system follows the regions as well with a few exceptions. Before 2003 the regions were also used for elections to parliament.

These regions are not defined by law. They have no official standing or administrative function. They are used to divide Iceland for certain purposes.

The health care system in Iceland is divided into 7 health care districts. These are the same as the 8 regions of Iceland with one exception. The Northwestern region and the Northeastern region which are a single health care district.

Regions[change | change source]

# Name Population
Area (km2) Area (mi2) Main city/town
1 Capital Region 240,882 Increase 1,046 404 Reykjavík
2 Southern Peninsula 29,108 Increase 813 314 Keflavík
3 Western Region 17,019 Increase 9,527 3,678 Akranes
4 Westfjords 7,205 Increase 8,842 3,414 Ísafjörður
5 Northwestern Region 7,405 Increase 13,108 5,061 Sauðárkrókur
6 Northeastern Region 31,161 Increase 22,677 8,756 Akureyri
7 Eastern Region 11,031 Decrease 15,706 6,064 Egilsstaðir
8 Southern Region 32,437 Increase 30,983 11,963 Selfoss