Reinaldo Zavarce

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Reinaldo Zavarce
Reinaldo Zavarce Peche.jpg
Reinaldo Zavarce in 2012
Born (1988-06-08) June 8, 1988 (age 34)
Other namesReinaldo Peche Zavarce, "Peche"
OccupationActor and singer
Known forIsa TKM
Isa TK+

Reinaldo Zavarce (born June 8, 1988 in Caracas, Venezuela) is an award-winning Venezuelan actor and singer. He started acting in the Venezuelan RCTV telenovelas Spanish: Mujer con Pantalones, Te Tengo en Salsa, Amantes, and Toda una dama. His film credits include the popular romantic comedy Dia Naranja. He is probably best known for his role as Alex in the Nickelodeon Latin America /Sony Pictures Television teen drama series Isa TKM and Isa TK+.

The show is often called the “Latin American High School Musical”. It became popular with teens across the Americas (US included due to its airing on MTV's Spanish language channel MTV Tr3s). It became a #1 hit in its demographic in over 23 countries its first season. The Los Angeles Times called the interest in the show and its cast members “Isa-mania”. In 2008 Reinaldo was awarded “Actor of the Year” at Nickelodeon Brazil’s “Meus Premios Nick” Awards. He got the same award in 2010 at the Kids Choice Awards Mexico. That Zavarce’s real-life girlfriend was (and is) his co-star made people even more interested in Reinaldo. It has kept them both on the covers of some of the biggest magazines across Latin America and Brazil.

Zavarce has also been featured in Nickelodeon's highly successful Julie e os Fantasmas series (2012). He hosted the Nickelodeon Latin America and Brazil coverage of the 2012 US Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards with Will Smith. He used a mix of English, Spanish and Portuguese languages (he is fluent in all three).

Filmography[change | change source]

Year Film/Series
2005 Mujer con pantalones
2006 Te Tengo en salsa
2007 Toda una dama
2008-2009 Isa TKM
2009 Dia Naranja
2009-2010 Isa TK+
2012 Julie and the phantoms