Rest (music)

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A rest is a musical notation sign that indicates no sound.

Each rest symbol and name corresponds with a particular note value for length of time. The rest shows how long the silence should last.

Normal rests[change | change source]

American English British English Multiplier Symbol
Longa Longa rest 4 A long/longa rest
Double whole rest Breve rest 2 A double-whole/breve rest
Whole rest Semibreve rest 1 A whole/semibreve rest
Half rest Minim rest 12 A half/minim rest
Quarter rest Crotchet rest 14 A quarter/crotchet rest
Eighth rest Quaver rest 18 An eighth/quaver rest
Sixteenth rest Semiquaver rest 116 An sixteenth/semiquaver rest
Thirty-second rest Demisemiquaver rest 132 A thirty-second/demisemiquaver rest
Sixty-fourth rest Hemidemisemiquaver rest 164 A sixty-fourth/hemidemisemiquaver rest

Multiple bar rests[change | change source]

Fifteen bars' rest

If a rest should last for multiple bars, it is shown by a thick horizontal line in the middle of the staff, with short vertical lines at each end. The number of bars of the rest is written over the top.