Reza Abbasi

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Reza Abbasi
رضا عباسی
Mu'in. Portrait of Riza-i-Abbasi. 1673. Princeton University..jpg
Posthumous portrait of Reza by his follower Mo'en Mosavver, 1673
Tabriz, Safavid Persia
Youth reading, 1625–26

Reza Abbasi, Riza yi-Abbasi or Reza-e Abbasi, رضا عباسی in Persian, usually Reza Abbasi also Aqa Reza (see below) or Āqā Riżā Kāshānī (c. 1565 – 1635) was the leading Persian miniaturist of the Isfahan School during the later Safavid period, spending most of his career working for Shah Abbas I.[1] He is considered to be the last great master of the Persian miniature, best known for his single miniatures for muraqqa or albums, especially single figures of beautiful youths.

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