Rezső Bálint

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Rezső Bálint
Rezsö Bálint.jpg
Born (1874-10-22)22 October 1874
Budapest, Hungary
Died (1929-05-23)23 May 1929
Budapest, Hungary
Alma mater University of Budapest
Known for Bálint's syndrome
Scientific career
Fields Neurology, internal medicine
Institutions University of Budapest

Rezső Bálint (October 22, 1874 – May 23, 1929) was a Hungarian neurologist and psychiatrist. He discovered Bálint's syndrome.[1]

Bálint studied medicine in Budapest, graduating in 1897. He habilitated in 1910, became extraordinary professor in 1914 and full professor in 1917. He died of thyroid cancer in 1929.

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