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Rhondda or Rhondda Valley is a former coal mining community in Wales. The area is actually two valleys: the larger Rhondda Fawr valley (mawr large) and the smaller Rhondda Fach valley (bach small). The singular term 'Rhondda Valley' and the plural 'Rhondda Valleys' are both commonly used.

Rhondda Fawr[change | change source]

The larger of the two valleys, the Rhondda Fawr, extends from Porth and rises through the valley until it reaches Blaenrhondda, near Treherbert. The villages that make up the Rhondda Fawr are:

Rhondda Fach[change | change source]

The Rhondda Fach is the smaller of the two valleys. Villages include Wattstown, Ynyshir, Pontygwaith, Ferndale, Tylorstown and Maerdy. The settlements that make up the Rhondda Fach are as follows: