Risk (game)

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Risk is a board game which is played with two to six players each with different coloured army men.

The main aim of the game is to complete the mission the player gets in the beginning of the game. These missions can differ from conquering or dominating parts of the world, to kill an other player or to hold a number of regions with a specific amount of units on each region.

How to play[change | change source]

Beginning[change | change source]

At the start of the game a player shuffles and deals out all of the cards. Each cards has either a country or a territory on it. When each player receives their cards, they put a soldier on their countries or territories. After they do this, they get a number of soldiers, cavalries and cannons to spread around according to which continent they want to conquer first. Then they hand their cards back and they put them all face-down on top of each other. Then the game starts.

Attacking/Defending[change | change source]

Roll the red dice to attack and the white dice to defend. At the end of each turn, pick a card. With this card look at the country or territory and the soldier, cavalry or cannon. If someone conquers the country or territory on the card it belongs to him. For every country a player owned, they get two extra soldiers.

1 Cannon is equal to:

  • 10 soldiers
  • 2 cavalries
  • 5 soldiers and 1 cavalries

1 Cavalry equals-

  • 5 soldiers

World countries[change | change source]

There are many countries and territories involved such as the following, which can change depending on the version: