River Hull

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River Hull tidal barrier, at the end of the River Hull where it meets the River Humber Estuary.

The River Hull is a river in Yorkshire in the north of England.

It has its source in the Yorkshire Wolds. It joins the River Humber estuary in the centre of Kingston upon Hull.

The river separates the industrial area of the city, and several opening bridges have been constructed. These continue to cause traffic delays during high tides, though river traffic is not so heavy any more in recent years.

Bridges[change | change source]

These are the bridges in the Hull area:-

  • Footbridge to The Deep
  • Myton Bridge on Garrison Road A1033
  • Drypool Bridge
  • North Bridge
  • Scott Street Bridge (permanently raised)
  • Sculcoates Bridge (its not called Chapman Street Bridge)
  • Wilmington Bridge (former railway, now footpath and cycles). Built by the North Eastern Railway in 1907.
  • Hull Bridge (railway). Built by the Hull and Barnsley Railway in 1885, still used by freight trains.
  • Stoneferry Bridges
  • Sutton Road Bridge
  • Ennerdale Link Road. The most recent bridge, replacing a failed flooded tunnel.

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