River Lee

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River Lee at Hertford Basin
Country United Kingdom
 - location Leagrave, Luton
 - elevation 115 m (377 ft)
 - location Bow Creek, River Thames
 - elevation m (0 ft)
Length 68 km (42 mi)

The River Lee or River Lea[1] is a river in England. It begins in Leagrave Park 51°54′37″N 0°27′40″W / 51.910338°N 0.461233°W / 51.910338; -0.461233, Leagrave, Luton in the Chiltern Hills. It flows generally southeast, east, and then south to London where it meets the River Thames 51°30′26″N 0°00′33″E / 51.507113°N 0.009184°E / 51.507113; 0.009184. The last section is known as Bow Creek. A section of the river runs through Hertford castle and shares a valley with the river Beane at Hartham common. Morgans School, in Hertford, have named one of their houses after the river Lea.

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  1. Historically, the river has been called the "Lea", "Lee" or "Ley". The "Ley" spelling is seen in mediaeval documents but subsequently passed from common usage. Currently, "Lea" and "Lee" are the generally accepted spellings, with "Lea" used in reference to the original natural river and "Lee" refers to the canalised parts like the Lee Navigation.