Robert, Count of Clermont

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Robert and his wife Beatrice of Bourbon.

Robert, Count of Clermont was the sixth son of French King Louis IX and the younger brother of Philip III of France.[1][2] In 1279, due to him suffering a head injury in his first jousting tournament, Robert became an invalid for the rest of his life.[2] After Henry III of France was assassinated in 1589 and the House of Valois ran out of males (since females and female-line descendants of French royalty could not inherit the French throne), Henry IV of France became the first French King from the House of Bourbon due to his male-line ancestry from Robert, Count of Clermont.[1]

Family and descendants[change | change source]

Robert married Beatrice, Duchess of Bourbon and together they had a son, Louis I, Duke of Bourbon, who was the founder of the House of Bourbon through his two sons.[3] The elder line of the House of Bourbon was made up of the Dukes of Bourbon, and it became extinct in the male line in 1527.[3] Meanwhile, the younger line of the House of Bourbon, the House of Bourbon-La Marche–later known as the House of Bourbon-Vendome, acquired the French throne in 1589 once the House of Valois became extinct in the male line.[3]

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