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Robert II of Scotland

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Robert II
King of Scots
King Of Scotland
Reign22 February 1371 – 19 April 1390
Coronation26 March 1371
PredecessorDavid II
SuccessorRobert III
Born2 March 1316
Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire
Died19 April 1390 (aged 74)
Dundonald Castle, Ayrshire
SpouseElizabeth Mure Euphemia de Ross
IssueRobert III, King of Scots

Walter, Lord of Fife Robert, Duke of Albany Alexander, Earl of Buchan David, Earl of Caithness Walter, Earl of Atholl

Thomas, Bishop of St. Andrews
FatherWalter Stewart
MotherMajorie Bruce

Robert II (2 March 1316 - 19 April 1390) was King of Scotland from 1371 through 1390. He was the first king of the House of Stewart. He is known as Robert the Steward and succeeded the popular David II to the throne. He was crowned in 1371 and had 1 child, Robert III or "Robert the Lame" with Elizabeth Mure, he was mentally unstable and was born as John Stewart, he changed his name to Robert as he would be crowned John II recognizing John Balliol's claim as legitimate which would spark war.

He was born on 2 March 1316[1] in Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire. He was the son of Walter Stewart and Marjorie Bruce. His mother died in childbith on 2 March and his father died 1326 and was buried in Paisley Abbey, where Robert II was born.

His reign began on 22 February 1371 upon his uncle's death (David II), he descended through Robert the Bruce and was crowned on March 26th of 1371. He wasn't a very popular king and died on 19 April 1390, he was succeeded by his son Robert III.[2]


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He had 2 wives during his lifetime, his first wife Elizabeth Mure and his second wife Euphemia de Ross.King Robert II had more children than any other King of Scotland, in all 15 by his two marriages.[3] 

By Elizabeth he had:

(1) John, Earl of Carrick (later ROBERT III) c.1337-1406

(2) Walter Stewart c. 1338-1362

(3) Robert, Earl of Albany c. 1340-1420

(4) Margaret Stewart m. John Macdonald, Lord of the Isles

(5) Alexander, Earl of Buchan 'The Wolf of Badenoch' c.1343-1405

(6) Marjorie Stewart m. (i) John Dunbar, Earl of Moray (ii) Alexander Keith

(7) Jean Stewart m. (i) Sir John Keith (ii) Sir John Lyon (iii) Sir James Sandilands

(8) Isabel Stewart m. (i) James Douglas, Earl of Douglas (ii) David Edmondstone

(9) Katherine Stewart

(10) Elizabeth Stewart m. sir Thomas Hay, Lord High Constable of Scotland

By Ephemia he had:

(11) David, Earl of Caithness d. before 1389

(12) Walter Stewart, Earl of Atholl d. 1437

(13) Margaret Stewart

(14) Elizabeth Stewart m. David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford

(15) Egidia Stewart m. Sir William Douglas of Nithsdale

Robert II also had 8 illegitimate children by various mothers[3]


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