Robert I of France

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Robert I
King of West Francia
PredecessorCharles the Simple
SuccessorRudolph of France
Born15 August 860
Died15 June 923
Soissons, France
IssueHugh the Great
FatherRobert the Strong

Robert I (15 August 860 – 15 June 923) was the King of West Francia from 922 until his death in 923. He was the younger son of Robert the Strong, count of Anjou, and the brother of Odo of France. Robert I was at the Siege of Paris in 885. Robert had the title of Dux Francorum. He did not call himself king of West Francia when his brother died in 898. Instead he served the Carolingian king, Charles the Simple and defended northern Francia from the attacks of the Norsemen.