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Lustig speaking in Cambridge, MA, 2013

Robert H. Lustig (born 1957) is an American pediatric endocrinologist.[1] He has been known for speaking out against sugar.[2][3] He has been mentioned in some articles about the bad effects of sugar.[4][5] He does not believe that a calorie is a calorie.[6]

Written books[change | change source]

  • (2010) Obesity Before Birth: Maternal and Prenatal Influences on the Offspring. Boston: Springer Science.
  • (2013) Fat Chance: Beating the Odds against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease. New York: Hudson Street Press.
  • (2013) Sugar Has 56 Names: A Shopper's Guide, Avery.
  • (2014) with Heather Millar, The Fat Chance Cookbook, Thorndike Press.
  • (2017) "The Hacking of the American Mind", Avery.

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