Robert the Strong

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Robert the Strong (French: Robert le Fort, c. 830 – 866) was the father of two kings of West Francia: Odo (or Eudes) and Robert I of France. His family is named after him and called the Robertians. In 853, he was named Missus dominicus by Charles the Bald, king of West Francia. Robert the Strong was the great-grandfather of Hugh Capet and ancestor of all of the Capetian dynasty.

Robert the Strong
Généalogie des rois de France - Besançon Ms677 f139v Robert le Fort.jpg
Robert the Strong's image in a Genealogy of French kings (c. 1384)
Bornc. 830
Died2 July 866
IssueOdo of France
Robert I of France
Noble familyRobertians
FatherRobert III, Count of Worms (speculated)