Roger Pearson

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Roger Pearson (born 21 August 1927, in London) is a British writer and publisher. He is also the editor of some journals published by The Institute for the Study of Man.

Publications written, edited, or published by Pearson[change | change source]

  • Essays on Eugenics and Race. 1958, Northern World, Coventry
  • Mankind Quarterly (from 1979-)
  • The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans. 1966, 1967 Hans Gunther, trans. by Vivian Bird (See Oliver Bird Trust and George Cadbury) in collaboration with Roger Pearson.
  • Introduction to Anthropology. Harcourt College Pub, 1974.
  • Anthropological Glossary. Krieger Pub Co, 1985.
  • Race, Intelligence and Bias in Academe. Scott-Townsend Publishers, 1997 (2nd edition).
  • Heredity and Humanity: Race, Eugenics and Modern Science. Scott-Townsend Publishers, 1996.

Books about Pearson[change | change source]

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