Roman Walls of Lugo

Coordinates: 43°00′40″N 7°33′12″W / 43.0111°N 7.5533°W / 43.0111; -7.5533
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Roman Walls of Lugo
UNESCO World Heritage Site
LocationLugo, Galicia, Spain
CriteriaCultural: (iv)
Inscription2000 (24th Session)
Area1.68 ha (4.2 acres)
Buffer zone59.88 ha (148.0 acres)
Coordinates43°00′40″N 7°33′12″W / 43.0111°N 7.5533°W / 43.0111; -7.5533
Roman Walls of Lugo is located in Galicia
Roman Walls of Lugo
Location of Roman Walls of Lugo in Galicia
Roman Walls of Lugo is located in Spain
Roman Walls of Lugo
Roman Walls of Lugo (Spain)

The Roman Walls of Lugo (Spanish, Galician: Muralla Romana de Lugo) were constructed in the 3rd century AD. The walls were created as late Roman Empire fortifications. They are still largely intact today. They stretch over 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) around the historic centre of Lugo in Galicia (Spain). Located on a hilltop the walls have a wide ditch directly in front of them.[1] The walls average about 10 metres (33 ft) in height and are up to 8 metres (26 ft) thick.[1] At the front of the wall there are a series of semicircular towers up to 13 metres (43 ft) in diameter.[1] The walls are constructed of schist from the local area.[2] The walls have been declared a World Heritage site.[2]

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