Romanian War of Independence

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Romanian War of Independence (1877–1878)
Kärtchen zur Schlacht bei Plewna (11. & 12.09.1877).jpg
The Siege of Plevna
Result Russian victory
Congress of Berlin
 Russian Empire
Romania Romanian Principality
Bulgaria Bulgarian volunteers
 Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Romania Carol I
Russian Empire Grand Duke Nikolai
Ottoman Empire Ahmed Muhtar Pasha
Ottoman Empire Ghazi Osman Pasha
Casualties and losses
Romania 4,000 Russia 15,000 Turkey 152,000

The Romanian War of Independence was battled in 1877. It was against the Ottoman Empire. On April 16 [O.S. April 4] 1877, Romania and the Russian Empire signed a treaty that allowed Russian troops to pass through Romanian land, so long as the Russians respected the integrity of the Romanians.

On May 21 [O.S. May 9] 1877, in the Romanian parliament, Mihail Kogălniceanu said that it was the will of the Romanian people to be independent. In the beginning of this war, Russia did not want to help the Romanians with the war.

War[change | change source]

Soldiers in Grey are Romanians and in blue are the Turks.

The Romanian Army defeated the Turks in all the battles. The battles took place in Grivitsa, Rahova, Vidin and Smârdan.

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