Rosalie Lamorlière

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Rosalie Lamorlière (19 March 1768 – 2 February 1848) was the last servant of Marie Antoinette.[1]

Sketch of Rosalie Lamorlière

Life[change | change source]

Rosalie Lamorlière was born on 19 March 1768, in France. Her father was a shoemaker, and her mother had died when she was 12.

In 1792, Rosalie was given the job of a maid at the Conciergerie, which was, at the time, a jail.[2] When Marie Antoinette was imprisoned there, Rosalie began to take care of her until Marie Antoinette’s death on 16 October 1793.[3] Rosalie would work at the jail until 1799.

Some time during the 1830s, Lafont d'Aussonne interviewed Rosalie. She would tell him about the imprisonment and last days of Marie Antoinette.[4]

On 2 February 1848, at the age of 79, Rosalie died, and was buried at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France.

Before her death, Rosalie gave birth to a daughter named Marie Rosalie de Lamorlière. She would be born in 1801 and would die in 1895.

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