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Route 386 (Israel)

Coordinates: 31°46′17.80″N 35°09′06.20″E / 31.7716111°N 35.1517222°E / 31.7716111; 35.1517222
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Route 386
Route information
Length23 km (14 mi)
Major junctions
north endTzur Hadassah Junction
Major intersectionsNes Harim Junction
Kerem Junction
Holland Square
Molikovsky Square
Denia Square
Haft Square
south endJunction at Shazar Blvd
Highway system

Route 386 is a road in Israel. It stretches from Tzur Hadassah to Jerusalem.

The route begins in the Judean Mountains at Tzur Hadassah. It starts at a junction with Route 375.[1]

In Jerusalem, the road is named Herzl Boulevard (Sderot Herzl). It stretches from the western entrance to the city near the Bridge of Strings to Mount Herzl. The street was named after Theodor Herzl on November 17, 1949. The street passes through the neighborhoods of Kiryat Moshe, Beit Hakerem, Yefeh Nof and Bayit VeGan. The main entrance to Mount Herzl is the number 1.

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31°46′17.80″N 35°09′06.20″E / 31.7716111°N 35.1517222°E / 31.7716111; 35.1517222