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Boys in Turkey wearing traditional circumcision costumes

Sünnet is a festival of circumcision of boys in Turkey and other Muslim Turkic peoples,[1] Crimean Tatars[2] and Turkish Gypsys.[3] It is based on religion and cultural tradition. [4] Mostly Turkish families in Turkey and abroad make a Sünnet party for their sons, with music and dancing. The boy has presents. More religious families will have a ceremony with a Imam. The age of the circumcised boys vary but generally it is performed when the boys are 5-7 years old. The operation is made by a special medical man, called Sünnetçi (circumciser)[5][6][7] The tradition of also includes a Kirve (Godparent), a man who holds the boy at the festival, especially in Alevism and Bektashi believers families.[8] Circumcision is very important, because to be uncut is shameful and regarded as "not a real man"[9][10] A Sünnet party is also performed by Albanians, Bosniaks, Torbesh, Xoraxane, Pomak and Gorani people. This tradition was taken up by the Balkan Muslims when large parts of the Balkans belonged to the Ottoman Empire[11][12], [13]

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