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SS Erinpura Memorial

Coordinates: 31°46′32.59″N 35°10′52.62″E / 31.7757194°N 35.1812833°E / 31.7757194; 35.1812833
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31°46′32.59″N 35°10′52.62″E / 31.7757194°N 35.1812833°E / 31.7757194; 35.1812833

SS Erinpura Memorial in Herzl

The SS Erinpura Memorial is a memorial in the Mount Herzl cemetery. It is dedicated to the 139 soldiers of the British Army 462 Moving Unit in British Mandate of Palestine on the SS Erinpura that lost their lives in a battle in North Africa with the Air Force of Nazi Germany.

The memorial is next to the Garden of the Missing Soldiers in the National Military and Police Cemetery in Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. It was built in 1985 by the architect Dr. Asher Hirem. It includes concrete covered with stones in a corner of a pool with the names of the 137 soldiers who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. Their place of burial is unknown with holes for flowers. Two soldiers of the 139 are buried in the cemeteries of the British army in Tripoli, Libya and the other is in England.

A ceremony to the fallen soldiers take place in the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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