Sab Jholmaal Hai

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Sab Jholmaal Hai
Written byRajat Vyas
Directed byVijay Roche
Voices ofMubeen Saudagar
Dolly Peter Lopes
Opening theme"Jhomaal, Whats Up Jhomaal"[1]
Ending theme"Sab Jhomaal Hai"
Composer(s)Rotem Hechat
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes54 (104 segments)
Executive producer(s)Ronojoy Chakraborty
Producer(s)K.B. Hari Hara Subramaniyan
Running time11 minutes
Production company(s)Toonz Animation India
DistributorSony Pictures Network India
Original networkSony Yay
Original releaseApril 18, 2017 (2017-04-18) –
Followed byHoney Bunny Ka Jholmaal
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Sab Jholmaal Hai (transl. Everything is Crazy Here) is an Indian animated comedy television series that is the old version of Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal. It used to air on Sony Yay until Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal got created.[2] The show is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, and Bengali.[3][4]

Premise[change | change source]

The story revolves around the adventures of four pets: two cats, Honey and Bunny; a dog, Zordaar; and a parrot, Popat, who live in a cozy house, owned by Miss Katkar. The pets always set off on fun and crazy adventures together. While they are usually sweet and well-mannered, the pets also save their town from evil men and thieves and help the good and poor people.[5]

Characters[change | change source]

Main[change | change source]

  • Honey - Honey (voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the mimicry of Salman Khan) is a cat with orange and white fur and is the twin (a few minutes older) brother of Bunny. He is always clueless and naive. As Honey is called a fool, he does not know what he is and whether he is good or bad. Other characters of the series called him Gadha (donkey). He also becomes angry when someone beats his brother or friend. He loves his owner and friends very much.
  • Bunny - Bunny (voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the mimicry of Aamir Khan) is a black-and-white-coloured cat and is the younger twin brother of Honey. He loves to team up and play pranks on everyone else. He is also protective of his friends. Bunny is the smarter cat, and he plays the main role to save others.
  • Zordaar - Zordaar (voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the mimicry of Amol Palekar) is a skin-colored obedient dog who is friendly and disciplined. He always helps with the household chores. While the other pets in the house are up to mischief, he tries to find a way out and often ends up landing in trouble himself. He loves Honey, Bunny, and Popat dearly. As a dog, he is the strongest among the four heroes but sometimes gets scared. He always says the word "sir".
  • Popat - Popat (voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the mimicry of Mithun Chakraborty) is the green-colored parrot who is full of himself and believes that there is no one better than him. He enjoys adventures and only wants to have fun. However, he does not like to eat green or red chilli. He has a catchphrase: "Koee shak" (meaning "any doubt").
  • Miss Katkar - Miss Katkar (voiced in used mimicry of Hema Malini) is the owner of the house and takes equal care of her four pets. She works in an office and is completely unaware of the mischief that takes place in her house when she is not around. She loves her pets as her own children.
  • Mr. Khanna - Mr. Khanna (known as Khanna Saahab) (voiced in the mimicry of Navjot Singh Sidhu) is the owner of the house next door to Miss Katkar. He is a bank manager. He is more fun-loving in comparison to Miss Katkar, and he disturbs everyone with his Shayari (poetry). He thinks of Popat, Zordaar, Bunny, Honey and Miss Katkar as his own family, and he also loves Kitty like his own daughter.
  • Kitty - Kitty (voiced by Dolly Peter Lopes in the mimicry of Aishwarya Rai), an orange-white colored female cat, is Mr Khanna's pet. Honey and Bunny have crushes on her and always try to impress her, getting everyone into trouble, including Kitty herself. Kitty is generally impressed by Bunny and very few times by Honey. Honey impresses Kitty accidentally while Bunny does the hard work.

Recurring[change | change source]

  • Totaram - Totaram (Voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the Mimicry of Sanjay Dutt), is a green parrot who is strong. He is a friend of Honey, Bunny, Zordaar, and Popat. and owner of Power GYM.
  • Sunny - Sunny (Voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the mimicry of Sunny Deol), is a half blue-colored cat who is strong. He also has a crush on Kitty and occasionally competes with Bunny to impress Kitty. He is always trouble to Honey, Bunny, Zordaar, and Popat later they are lesson to teach of him.
  • Ghoose - Ghoose (voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the mimicry of Irrfan Khan), is a rat and also a friend of honey, bunny , zordaar, and popat.he is a debut of ghose episode. And after the appearance in Bank Roberry, Null, Kabaadi etc. episodes
  • Inspector Panda - Inspector Panda (Voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the Mimicry of Utpal Dutt),is a Blank and White colored Panda he is a police inspector.and big brother of panda family.
  • Police Commissioner - he is a Police Commissioner (Voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the mimicry of Shatrughan Sinha) of City. He is a Debute Episode of Panda ka Transfer and Movie of Bank Robbery
  • Spider - Spider (Voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the Mimicry of Amrish Puri),is a blue colored male spider he is lives in mis karkar,s store room.
  • Chipkali- she is a lizard. she living with a spider.
  • Nandu - Nandu (Voiced by (Mubeen Saudagar in the Mimicry of Shakti Kapoor),is a Half Blue colored rabbit and patient of Dr.Bhalu. He is also a friend of honey, bunny, zordaar, and popat. he always says "I am nandu everyone friend" he is a debute of Dr Rabbit Episode. and after appearance in all episodes.
  • Dr Bhalu - Dr.Bhalu (Voiced by (Mubeen Saudagar in the Mimicry of Kader Khan), is a Cuffy colored Bear. and occupation of doctor and elder brother of vaid bhalu.he is a sometimes judge in competition. he always says, "come here".
  • Vaid Bhalu - he is a younger brother of Dr.Bhalu and is voiced by Mubeen Saudagar and also used mimicry of Kader Khan.
  • Boxer Bobby - Boxer Bobby is the neighbour of honey, bunny, Popat and zordaar He is a boxer and he lives with his family and sometimes they trouble honey and bunny.
  • Kitkit - Kitkit (Voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the Mimicry of Arshad Warsi), is a Red colored crab and sidekick of totaram.
  • Bad Monkey - Bad Monkey (Voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the Mimicry of Gulshan Grover), is a Half Green colored monkey. he is a debut episode of Bad Monkey.and after he appeared in all episodes. he always says "sultan ka beta bad monkey".
  • Lala and Majnu - Lala (Voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in the Mimicry of Nana Patekar) and Majnu (Voiced by (Mubeen Saudagar in the Mimicry of Anil Kapoor), they are thieves and anytime leaves jail but honey, bunny, zordaar, and popat always catch them and get them delivered to police.

Episodes[change | change source]

The Episodes of Seasons 2, Season 3 and Season 4 Streaming Available on Netflix.

SeasonSegmentsEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast airedNetwork
15213April 16, 2017 (2017-04-16) (trailer)

April 17, 2017 (2017-04-17) (sneak peek)

April 18, 2017 (2017-04-18) (official)
July 14, 2017 (2017-07-14)Sony Yay
25213July 22, 2017 (2017-07-22)October 5, 2017 (2017-10-05)Sony Yay
313October 14, 2017 (2017-10-14)December 29, 2017 (2017-12-29)
413January 3, 2018 (2018-01-03)April 18, 2018 (2018-04-18)

Movies[change | change source]

Release Year Movie Ref.
2017 Sab Jholmaal Hai: Bank Robbery [6]
Honey Bunny in Space Adventure
2018 Honey Bunny In Kung Fu Challenge

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