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CAE Global Academy Brussels Sabena Flight Academy
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CAE Global Academy Brussels Sabena Flight Academy is a Belgian flight school created in 1953.[1] It is in Steenokkerzeel (Brussels Airport). The school trains airline pilot and is part of CAE Global Academy.[2]

History[change | change source]

The Belgian national aviation school[change | change source]

The origins of the creation of a school providing training for future airline pilots start in 1953, when the Belgian government, which owns the aircraft, contracted the operation thereof to Sabena under the name École d’aviation civile (EAC). The theoretical and flight training parts are conducted at the airfield of Grimbergen in a building which no longer exists. Basic training is done through the De Havilland DH82A "Tiger Moth" replaced in 1968 by Siai Marchetti SF260, while the advanced training is entrusted to the Saab Safir 91B, replaced in 1958 by the Cessna 310B and in 1981 by the Embraer Xingu.

The Sabena airline flight school[change | change source]

In 1991, the government gives the École d’aviation civile to Sabena airline. It is renowned first Belgian Aviation School[3] and then Sabena Air Training Center, and the school moved into a new building at Brussels National Airport. It was decided to carry out practical training in flight to Phoenix in U.S.A because the weather in Arizona allows flights 365 days per year in a high and complex air traffic. Despite the bankruptcy of Sabena in 2001, the activities didn't stop. In 2004, the school was sold to two former managers of Sabena and became the Sabena Flight Academy.[4]

The acquisition by CAE[change | change source]

It is finally absorbed in 2008 by the Canadian group CAE. The acquisition of SFA by CAE was conducted as part of a larger program to complete a global training network: the CAE Global Academy[5] · .[6]

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