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Statue of Daniel Nimham, a sachem of the Wappinger.

Sachem and sagamores are terms for North American Indian chiefs. It is particularly used in Algonquian-speaking tribes of the Northeastern Woodlands.[1] The sachem was the highest level of chiefs. The sagamore was a lower-ranking chief.[2] Examples of sachems include Massasoit, Metacom, Uncas and Daniel Nimham. Little Turtle is an example of a sagamore.

Cognate words[change | change source]

Family Language Word Notes
Eastern Algonquian Proto-Eastern Algonquian *sākimāw theoretical reconstruction
Narragansett sâchim anglicized as sachem[3]
Lenape sakima derived from earlier form sakimaw[4]
Eastern Abnaki sakəma anglicized as sagamore[3]
Mi'kmaq saqamaw Ninigret
Malecite-Passamaquoddy sakom [5]
Western Abnaki sôgmô [6]
Wangunk sequin [7]
Central Algonquian Proto-Central Algonquian *hākimāw theoretical reconstruction
Anishinaabe ogimaa [8]
Algonquin ogimà [9]
Ottawa gimaa [10]
Potawatomi wgema anglicised as Ogema
Eastern Swampy Cree okimâw [11]
Northern East Cree uchimaa [12]
Southern East Cree uchimaa [13]
Naskapi iiyuuchimaaw [14]

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