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The Sadri language is spoken by about 166,000 people in Bangladesh (as of 2000).

It belongs to the Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, and Indo-Aryan language families, and is an Eastern zone Bihari language.

History[change | change source]

Sadri developed from Oraon. The Oraon people came to Bangladesh from India over 100 years ago. At some point, the Oraon people switched from using Kurux [kru], a Dravidian language, to Sadri, an Indo-Aryan language.

Some Oraon people still speak Kurux. They are traditionally Hindu, and most are farmers. Some educated people do not use Oraon with their children. Bangladesh Oraon Foundation is working on revitalizating (repopularizing) Oraon.

Region[change | change source]

People speak in these areas:

  • Rajshahi Division
  • Sylhet Division
  • Moulvibazar and Habiganj districts
  • Khulna Division
  • Jhenaidah District (Jhenaidah Subdistrict, Moheshpur Subdistrict)
  • Kushtia District (Mirpur Subdistrict)
  • Magura District (Magura Subdistrict)

Dialects[change | change source]

There are several dialects of Sadri, including Borail Sadri, Nurpur Sadri, Uchai Sadri, and Mokkan Tila Sadri. Speakers of these dialects may not be able to read things that are not written in their dialect.

Language use[change | change source]

Sadri is written in Latin script and in Bengali script, though not many people speak Bengali.