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Population 166,000 (2000). Region Throughout Rajshahi Division; Sylhet Division, Moulvibazar and Habiganj districts; Khulna Division, Jhenaidah District (Jhenaidah Subdistrict, Moheshpur Subdistrict), Kushtia District (Mirpur Subdistrict), Magura District (Magura Subdistrict). Language maps Bangladesh Bangladesh

Dialects Borail Sadri, Nurpur Sadri, Uchai Sadri, Mokkan Tila Sadri. Dialects may need separate literature. Inherent intelligibility of 7 Sadri varieties on Borail ranges from 70%–93%; of 8 varieties on Nurpur from 78%–94%. Lexical similarity: of 14 Sadri varieties with the Borail Sadri dialect ranges from 88%–97%. Classification Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Eastern zone, Bihari Language use Vigorous but some educated people do not use Oraon with their children. Bangladesh Oraon Foundation has committed to language revitalization. Low proficiency in Bengali [ben]. Language development Literacy rate in L2: 30%. NT: 2003. Writing system Bengali script. Latin script. Comments The Oraon people came from India over 100 years ago. Sometime in the past some Oraon shifted from Kurux [kru], a Dravidian language, to Sadri, which is Indo-Aryan. Some Oraon people still speak Kurux. Agriculturalists. Traditional religion, Hindu.