Saeed Shehabi

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Saeed al-Shehabi
سعيد الشهابي
OccupationPolitical activist, journalist, commentator, and member of the Bahrain Freedom Movement

Saeed Shehabi is a Bahraini thinker, political activist, commentator and journalist. He is a regular columnist in the daily Arabic Al-Quds newspaper.[1] He gives regular interviews to the BBC's Middle East Service and AlJazeera. He is also the Director of Abrar House,[2] an Islamic community center in Central London that promotes interfaith work. He is also the leader of the pro-democractic Bahrain Freedom Movement,[3] that is a banned Bahraini opposition group. He was also a founding member of Al-Wefaq National Party.[4] He was previously the editor of Alalam magazine and now hosts a weekly television programme on Alalam TV.[5] He has been living in exile in London since 1979 and returned to Bahrain on two occasions in 2002. He has a PhD in engineering from City University. Saeed Shehabi is married and has seven children.

On August 2010, Bahrain TV [6] declared that Saeed Shehabi is accused of being the second leading member of a terrorist network.[7][8] He is currently being tried in absentia along with Hassan Mushaimi. The Bahraini government claimed that a red notice was issued by interpol for his arrest, however this has not been verified.[9] In 1996 he was similarly sentenced to 15 years in prison in absentia.

In the summer of 2009, Saeed Shehabi's home was attacked by arsonists.[10]

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