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Saffarid dynasty

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Saffarid Dynasty
سلسله صفاریان
Saffarid Emirate at its Greatest Extent
Saffarid Emirate at its Greatest Extent
Common languagesPersian
• 867–879
Ya'qub bin Laith as-Saffar
• 963–1002
Khalaf I
Historical eraMedieval
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Tahirid dynasty
Samanid dynasty

The Saffarids or the Saffarid dynasty (Persian: سلسله صفاریان) was a Persian Sunni Islamic empire.[1][2] They ruled in Sistan from 861–1002. Sistan was a historical region in southeastern Iran, southwestern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan.[3] Their capital was Zaranj, located in present-day Afghanistan.


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