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Saint can mean different things:

Religion[change | change source]

Different religions & groups use the term saint differently. The word comes form Latin Sanctus, which means holy. In general, saints are believed to be good examples of how people should live, or what people should do. Saints are synonymous, or are associated, with holiness. In the Roman Catholic Church, to become a saint, you have to go through a process called canonization, which is performed by the Pope.

  • In the New Testament, the term Saint is used to refer to any member of the Church of Christ.
  • In the Roman Catholic Church, a saint is someone who lives a very holy life and loves others. Catholics believe that anyone who is in heaven is already a saint. However, to be declared an official saint by the Church, someone must be canonized.
  • In Mormonism, a saint is someone who is of Mormon line.
  • In Protestant churches, a saint is anyone who is baptized and lives their faith.

Sports teams[change | change source]

Entertainment[change | change source]

Other[change | change source]

  • Saint is a type of pigeon
  • Saint can be used to describe a really loving or caring person.