Saint Cecilia

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Saint Cecilia (Latin: Sancta Caecilia) is the patroness of musicians. At her wedding she "sang in her heart to the Lord".[1][2] Her feast day is celebrated in the Latin Catholic, Eastern Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches and in the Anglican Communion on November 22.[3] She is one of seven women, excluding the Blessed Virgin, commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass.

While the details of her story appear to be fictional,[4] her existence and martyrdom are considered a historical fact[source?]. She is said to have been beheaded with a sword. An early Roman Christian church, Santa Cecilia, was founded in the fourth century in the Trastevere section of Rome, reputedly on the site of the house in which she lived. A number of musical compositions are dedicated to her, and her feast day has become the occasion for concerts and musical festivals.

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