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Saijo sake festival is a sake festival held in Hiroshima prefecture in west Japan.[1] Sake is Japan's traditional alcoholic drink. The sake festival is held yearly on the second Saturday and Sunday of October.[1] Every year between 100,000 and 200,000 people attend the festival.[2]

Breweries[change | change source]

Saijo is famous all over Japan for its sake. There are 10 breweries here.[1] Sake has been made in Saijo since 1650. Visitors may walk from brewery to brewery sampling all the varieties of sake.[3]

Event[change | change source]

During the festival the road from the railway station to Chuo Park is lined with food booths. The park is divided into two sections, east and west.[1] The events on the east side include more food, stages with performers and is free.[1] The west side, called Sake Square, requires an admission ticket which costs 1,800 yen.[2] Here visitors can try any of over 900 different kinds of sake.[1] On entry to this side, visitors receive a small saki cup they can refill as many times as they like.[2]

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Other websites[change | change source]

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